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Bodyguard Reusable Anti-Pollution Mask


Bodyguard Reusable Anti-Pollution Mask is another great mask that follows the N99 standards for filtration. It also has around 6 layers of filters so that you inhale only pure air without any kind of pollutants or pathogens. It also keeps out allergens such as pollens, particulate matter, dust etc. The best thing perhaps about this mask is that it is reusable since it happens to be washable.

The Bodyguard Reusable Face Mask is available in three sizes. They are small, medium and large. This makes sure that the mask that you buy has an appropriate fitting for complete protection. The activated carbon present in the unit absorbs all kinds of harmful gases and vapours and keep you safe.

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Reusable and washable
Breathing valve available
Multi-layer filtration system
Filters PM 2.5
Made as per the N99 standards
Activated carbon
Nose clip available
Each Box contains